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Cagliari the Municipal Art Gallery

At the feet of the ancient Castello quarter at the end of a tree promenade, lies the quiet area of the Municipal Modern Art Gallery of Cagliari. Its magnificent Gardens of naturalistic importance belong to the city from 1840 and host century old plants like the Jacaranda and two specimens of Ficus. Legal Civil Weddings are celebrated under the cool shade of the Trees or the Gallery Entrance.

In Sardinia you can really find places out of time, of eternal beauty. But there are some places that are unique even inside the island itself. Places that take your breath away, like the Nebida Belvedere or the mine of Porto Flavia, near the town of Iglesias: here you can get married surrounded by the power of an uncontaminated natural landscape. Like in a movie, like a postcard: a real special wedding.


The Belvedere of Nebida

Every time we drive to Nebida we stop at the Belvedere, it’s simple a need. The walk overlooking the sea with its  stunning view is a rest for the mind, it’s a care for the soul! Here on the terrace you can say YES with a legal civil wedding.


Special Weddings in Special Venues

Sardinia is an island, and as such has specific characteristics that make it an absolutely unique place in the world, both for biodiversity and for aspects related to local history and traditions.

Here we can assert that Nature and Monuments are the real player and scenery of your Wedding Venue

Special Weddings

The mine of Porto Flavia

a futuristic work on the promontory of Masua,  is actually a port built in 1922-1924 at 37 meters height serving as the mineral production hub in the west coast of Sardinia and its tormented sea.

Today the site belongs to the mining archaeology and may be visited with guided Tours.

The entrance overlooks the sea and faces the Pan di Zucchero, a natural monument 132 meters high, shaped by the power of the wind and the sea. Here on the entrance terrace and with a stunning view to the sea, legal civil weddings are celebrated. 

Immagine your Wedding: Simply Spectacular!


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