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Your Wedding in Sardinia


It’s difficult to tell in short about Iglesias and the surrounding area: the secular history (connected with the most important Italian noble families, Savoia, Doria and Della Gherardesca), the landscape shaped by the mining industry, the coastal area so far from the idea of Caribbean ​​Sardinia and so close to an archaic and powerful Mediterranean. The medieval old quarter of Iglesias, city which name is due to the hundred churches, invites you to walk along the narrow streets looking upwards admiring the facades of the beautiful buildings, evoking the history of this ancient town.

It’s easy to be fascinated by this part of the island: all wedding cerimonies, civil and symbolic, can be officiate in the Town Hall, in the Castle of Salvaterra, in front of the magnificent view of the stacks of Nebida, or at the entrance of Porto Flavia, the pioneering construction over the sea by ​​Masua mines. A choice of amazing places, where it will be possible to celebrate a special anniversary or renew your vows. If the wedding is a unique day, the place must be unique: Iglesias offers you that opportunity.

Historical Cities

Maybe you have already been in Sardinia and you have visited the cities where you landed, discovering that not only the nature, the sea and its colours create the magic of this island. Perhaps you have already enjoyed the nightlife, waiting for the dawn and discovered that you are madly in love with the island. Or maybe you loved the Sardinian art and culture that has been preserved in the city for centuries, in the historical cities centres and museums. If you and your guests do not want to renounce all this choosing the cities, such as Cagliari, Alghero, Oristano is certainly the best choice if you and your guests do not want to give up all that and if you want to have a wide choice of places to celebrate your wedding, taking the better, faster and more efficient services. Not just in the hottest seasons, but all year round!


Oristano and the nearby coastal area

are a constant surprise: from the long beaches, loved by surfers for the big waves, generated by the mistral wind, to the Phoenician-Punic and Roman archaeological sites, from traditional Festivals like the Sartiglia to the Corsa degli scalzi (a barefoot race), through the enchanting village of San Salvatore, this part of Sardinia offers the opportunity to have a special, unique and unforgettable civil or symbolic wedding, near one of the most beautiful and less known area of the island. Like the others locations, it will also be possible to renew the vows, and celebrate your wedding day.


A Simple and elegant Wedding in a historical city in Sardinia is the celebration of your civil wedding ceremony in charming locations enriched with antique furniture and decorated rooms set in the city centre!

Historical Wedding

The town of Cagliari

thanks to the historic districts of Castello, Stampace, Marina and Villanova and its wonderful beaches, has become in recent years one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean sea, thanks to the nearby Elmas airport.

The Town Hall, a beautiful liberty building located right in front of the port, and the San Michele castle are the places where civil ceremonies are usually officiated. Recently the authorities added 7 new wedding venues. Among these of relevant beauty and importance the ‘’Palazzo di Città’’, dating XIV century.

The lively city, the pleasant weather and a good number of locations, allows couples to have wide choice for their unique day. The Poetto is the nearby, endless beach where you can exchange your symbolic marriage vows, renew them once again or celebrate a legal wedding ceremony right in front of the turquoise waters of Sardinia: Cagliari will amaze you!


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